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At present, he is but a 

shadow of his former self. 

A reflection in a cracked mirror.

He is no longer the doe eyed 

naive young man with

larger than life dreams.

Life has taken exception and

beaten them out of him. 


Unable to pursue what he loves 

and ridiculed for his "unusual" ambitions,

he is forced to either get in line or get out. 

Be assimilated or be evicted. 

He knows that this time,

logic will have to trump his dreams.

This time his heart will have to take 

the back seat of shame,

as his brain rejoices in victory.

So he surrenders. He quits fantasy

to commit to harsh reality.


But every now and then,

he appeases his aching heart.

He dares to dream again.

He dares to imagine a reality

of his own making. It makes him smile.

For his dreams aren't dead yet.

They may never die.

Hope keeps them alive, 

so that his heart doesn't

ache as much anymore.

Created: Aug 14, 2012

Tags: min, writing, rajasoup, challenge, present, 10, minute

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