the kitten stories (chapter 8, school)

By spin


*peppy curious tone*
KIARA: “Isn’t that what you wore yesterday chika?

*bree sets down her BFC can of green Monster and looks down to see she is still wearing the red sweat pants and black spaghetti strap she was wearing yesterday. She pulls at her shirt.*

*in a tired but happy tone*
BREE: “ yeah, I guess I am. Had a long night, thanks for the Monster Adam I soo needed it.”

*curious but happy tone*
ADAM: “ no problem. Why a long night? You never answered your phone last night, neither of us could get a hold of you.”
KIARA: “ and why were you late this morning?”

*sarcastic but still happy tired tone*
BREE: “ what’s this an interrogation, shit guys, come on. I’m late and off the record for one night and this is what I get?”
ADAM: “ yep!”

*in more of an excited tone, she points her water at bree*
KAIRA: “ spill it! Where were you last night?”
BREE: “ why do you wana know? I’m safe and I’m here aren’t I? “
ADAM: “ just tell us. We aren’t going to go running to anyone else about it.”

*bree takes a sip of her monster and steals a fry from adam.*
BREE: “ fine, you guys really wana know?”

*they nod their heads yes.*
BREE: “ I was with Patrick last night.”
KIARA: “ he drove all the way up here from murrietta last night, just to hang out with you??”
ADAM: “wait a sec, just for a few hours or all night?”

*bree hesitates and her cheeks flush bright red. Kiara’s eyes go so wide that bree and adam both think for a second that her eyes are going to pop out of her head*

*in almost a shout*

*bree quickly reaches over the metal lunch table and puts her hand over kiara’s mouth. Bree responds in a slightly snappy tone then goes back to her tired but happy voice*
BREE: “HUSH! Shit I cant tell you guys a damn thing. Yes I spent the night at his house. No, sex was not involved. We watched princess bride and cuddled all night. And hung out in his garden.”

And with that she shot gunned straight into describing his house and the garden. She went through every color she could think of and every detail on every piece of art work she could recall from his house. She described his room and his plants with so much detail that they all started into a conversation about their dream homes. Of course Adam with him being apart of a catering business involved a big kitchen and lots of food and weapons and a old school martial arts training studio.. Kiaras involved a salon for a bathroom with mirrors and roses and random pools of water. Eventually their conversation drifted back to what happened that night, and she told them that she’d had a nightmare that cause a panic attack and how he helped her though it. And she started to get all girly about describing his house and room and bed and stuff then Kiara decided she needed to say it.

*in a serious tone*
KIARA: “ So are you two like a couple now or what?”

*in a shy tone*
BREE: “ no, he doesn’t even know I like him, and I’m not entirely sure if her likes me.”

*serious tone*
ADAM: “ Bree, seriously, he spent an entire night, cuddling you. He didn’t try to do anything. He LIKES you, if he doesn’t already LOVE you.”
BREE: “ It’s not that simple!”
KIARA: “yeah it is! B would you stop being blind already! He LIKES you!”

Bree starts to get extremely frustrated. She knows she likes him, she isn’t absolutely sure if he likes her. yes he cuddled with her all night, and took care of her after a nightmare and rescued her from her house, but he always did things like that. And not just with her either.

*in a shy tone*
BREE: “ I think he likes me like a sister, but not the way I like him….”

*everyone is talking in a serious argumentative tone*
ADAM: “ you don’t spend all night cuddling with a girl unless she is your sister or family. And even then! and if he stayed through a nightmare and actually managed to fuckin help you with a panic attack I say he is good for you.”
KIARA: “ Chika, we know you pretty well, and even though you wont tell us what your nightmares are about we are still here for you, but we haven’t been able to help you at all! And he has! How old is he?”
BREE: “ 27”
KIARA: “ right, that’s 27 years of dealing with life’s bullshit. He isn’t going to get scared away if he cares about you! He has a really good idea by now of what he is looking for and how to treat problems as they come.”
BREE: “ And what if your wrong? I’m not going through that shit again!”
KIARA: “ What? The shit you went through with Luke?”
ADAM: “Bree, Luke used you like a toy and played with your emotions. The only thing he didn’t do was advance at you sexually that’s it! Patrick isn’t like that! He actually cares about you, he isn’t going to hurt you! “
BREE: “ you said a similar thing about Luke.”
KIARA: “ Stop being blind! I KNOW you have trust issues, I know you don’t want to admit it. But don’t hurt someone else by not believing in them.”

*lance walks up to them at the table and in a non- Chalont tone*
LANCE: “ hey guys, lunch ended 10 minutes ago, get to class.”

And with that the three of them part ways to get to their individual classes. Adam went to his English class, Kiara went to her wood shop class, and Bree went into her history class. She didn’t get it. She didn’t understand why they were being so stubborn about Patrick. They had never been so stubborn about any of the other guys or girls she dated. The teacher kept droning on and on about the murder of lincon completely oblivious to the fact that ½ of the class was sleeping.

*bree’s phone buzzes in her pocket, she glances down to see that she has two messages. The first is from adam.*

FROM: Pennies_Adam
“ Hey, B, you need to be careful, someone wants to start a fight with you today.”

TO: Pennies_Adam
“who wants to start a fight, and why?? I didn’t do anything!”

FROM: Pennies_Adam
“ you kicked someones ass yesterday in the wash. One of the guys bigger brother goes here. He wants to kick your ass. Careful they are coming now, hide!”

TO: Pennies_Adam
“ distract all staff, I’m not running.”

FROM: Pennies_Adam

*Bree raises her hand*
BREE: “ hey I’ma go use the restroom.”

*the teacher waves her away and bree turns on some happy hardcore techno and turns the volume up to 15.*

*whispering to herself*
BREE: “ cant they just wait till after school.”

*3 guys come up behind her. one is wearing a black bandana around his head, the other two have them stuffed in the back pocket of their jeans, bree turns around*

*her voice is flat tone*
BREE: “ before you start anything with me do you realize why I did that?”
GUY 1: “ You started shit in our side of the wash!”
BREE:” No, they were in the north side wash, a neutral wash, and they pin pointed me at random and started a fight with me. They lost.”
GUY 1: “ He said you’d lie about it. Either way your never gonna’ do that again.”

And with that he comes up to hit her. her brain starts breaking down his footwork and how his muscles are moving, she times her steps so that she moves to the side as soon as his arm fully extends it should just graze her cheek bone. She didn’t shift her weight at the right time and his right hook hits her left cheek bone solid. she turns her head to the left and reaches out to grab his pinkey on his right hand. She bends the bone backwards till she can see the pain in his eyes and then she knees him the the stomach and pins his left arm behind his back still bending the pinkey enough to cause a large amount of pain but not enough to break or sprain it.

*speaking in a calm tone of voice*
BREE: “ now are you going to listen to me?”

*he nods his head yes, the other two guys are frozen with shock at what just happened and how quick.*
BREE: “okay I was walking through the wash to get home yesterday after school. Your brother and his friends decided they were going to gang up on me and kick my ass. i never entered the west side wash, it’s far out of my way and again I just wanted to get home. They picked a fight and didn’t win. Stay out of the nutral wash if you idiots are going to pick fights. I can defend myself and my wash. What is your younger brother doing this kind of shit for anyways? Didn’t you teach him proper respect? Anyways, I’m having a good day and we have about 10 minutes till class ends. You should explain the laws of the wash to your brother and his friends, starting with the neutral wash agreements which by attacking me you just broke.”

*she lets him go. And he stands up and looks at her with more respect.*
GUY 1: “ you keep to the laws?”
BREE: “ Yes I do. Make sure your brother knows his bounds, you NEVER try to expand your wash into neutral territory. Especially mine.if they had just been passing though I wouldn’t have had an issue. You yourself should review the rules. Maybe it’ll do you some good. I’m going to class.”
GUY 1: “ you’re the peace keeper aren’t you? From underground poets?”
BREE: “ yes, I am.”
GUY 1: “ that would explain why you just took the hit and didn’t flinch. I’ve heard stories about you.”
*he glances at her arms and see’s the scars from the cutting she did to herself for years.*
GUY 1(CONTINUED): “I can see that they’re true. Sorry to have jumped into stupid shit, I’ll make sure my brother knows and his friends.”

*Bree turns on her heal and walks away toward to her class. When she gets back in the teacher makes a weird face at the site of the red mark on her face from where he hit her but then just continues on with the lesson. Bree takes off her head phones.*

“ how come lately more and more people have been violating the laws of the wash? Is it cause we are getting a flux of the younger generation coming in or is it the hate that is between us? Hell the neutral washes don’t even get along. But one thing we have kept in common is that we keep to the laws cause we all made them. Are they not teaching the new born the basic laws? Yes there are more complex laws, but if you keep to the basic laws they don’t really apply. They aren’t hard to remember either.

1) don’t fight in a neutral wash or take over neutral territory.
2) Do not pick a fight with any of the other territories unless you know all the facts and keep the violence to your wash.( aka talk to both sides and don’t start shit in public)
3) Always keep your wash clean of trash
4) Do not kill
5) Do not steal things from other washes (this includes girlfriends)
6) And if someone has a warrant do not help them, turn them into the police.
7) Do not try to expand your terrirory, all territories are equal

Those are the basic laws. They aren’t that hard to follow. But why are laws getting broken everywhere I go. I don’t really step foot in their washes. I know where my territory is. This is the wash I’m supposed take care of. So why are people being dumb asses………”

*The bell rings and she remembers that there is still a txt message she didn’t check. She walks out of class with her purple back pack and checks her phone*

FROM: Sober House
“we need you here tonight. You’re doing the 12-4 shift. We will talk about why you were gone tonight when we see you.”

the kitten stories (chapter 8, school)

Created: Jun 08, 2010


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