Beasts Like Us

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There are wolves in the forest!
There are owls in the trees!
The paths we walk are haunted,
And watch out for the bees.
But we are not the hunted ones;
Our strides are brave and long.
So take my hand, my darling,
And make sure your grip is strong.

No wind shall blow between us
By the sun or under the moon
And if you need to turn me loose,
You'd better do it soon.
My limbs are firm, my eyes are sharp
My feet, quick on the ground.
But if you find something better,
Well, I guess I'll see you around.

Shadows grow when the sun is gone
And the birds no longer sing,
But beasts like us at night,
We can see everything.
Sleep will soon lay hands on us
And softly steal away!
Lay close to me, my darling,
Or just lead me astray.

No wind shall chill our bodies
By autumn or by spring.
Beasts like us have no need
For fangs or claws or wings.
Let's make our life among the trees
Or live among the dunes!
And if you're gonna turn me loose,
You'd better do it soon.

It's a struggle for tomorrow;
It's a struggle, day by day. 

Created: Aug 14, 2012

Tags: metered, poetry, lyrics, animals, nature, folk

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