Into the Fog REmix

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I really liked ntheon's reading of his poem "Into the Fog" (and the fact that it was RECorded on a cell phone added such a cool effect to the audio - as if the character was leaving a message.)

So I went with that concept for this REmix.

The narrative of my REmix is kind of like an answering machine message left by a man who is very conflicted and feels that time is running out.

I definitely shifted the original meaning behind the poem, but wanted to experiment a bit with it and see where I could take it. Maybe I'll shoot some phone and answering footage at some point and build on the narrative.

Or maybe someone else wants to?

Created: Jun 08, 2010

Tags: call, poem, bench, poetry, rain, eyes, cup, death, drip, foggy, man, sky, weather, clouds, loneliness, movement, ntheon, remix, recording, blinking, blink, close up, edit, all alone, logo, lonely, skinny, dying, eye, alone, bones, suicide, cloudy, walking, grass, fog, sad, thick, layers, empty, gloom, smooth, deathly, editing, driving, car, gloomy, dead, road, time lapse

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