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We've all heard a time or two before that Necessity is the mother of Invention. But who's his father? His aunt? His weird uncle?

Necessity isn't the only reason we humans invent. I would venture that Boredom is at least a fraternal grandparent. Greed is somewhere on the family tree, almost certainly. 

It's not a wholly cynical family reunion, of course. There are a great many reasons we invent that are just as human and beautiful; Purest Curiosity, Wonder, Generosity, Discovery. For the love of it. To advance the science, the art. To push the boundaries. To hold ourselves up. To push our foes down. To challenge ourselves.

By accident, even. There are things we take for granted that were birthed from happy coincidence, all around.

What motivates us to Invent, in our own lives, every day? Be honest.

Created: Aug 14, 2012

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