By Lil Red

And if I don’t make it, don’t you dare cry for me to come back.
You know I would rather jump than fall,
Rather jump than fall back into your arms,
Back into you.
That September died long ago;
Nothing more than dust and ash to darken my shoes, erase my tracks
And I, I’d rather sink in sand than fall,
Fall back in love with you again.
Rewind back to the autumn when we fell faster than those sycamore leaves,
Fell against that sycamore tree,
Breathing harder than the rain does cry, and you whispered to me,
That autumn lullaby.
We collapsed into earth, into roots, into us;
Forgot about college, about grades, about time, about trust.
Could of lazed forever in our sycamore coats,
Dreaming of winter and spring and summer,
Not caring for yesterday, tomorrow or the frost of your mother.
If you sang your lullaby just once more,
Than I would fall back into autumn, into the water, into you.


Created: Jun 08, 2010


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