By Lil Red

You don’t see it;
The cogs and the screws and the rotting wheels with the hinges coming loose,
That are holding this body together.

You don’t see it;
The tissue and the tendons and the rough skin with all the marks and the dents in,
That are stopping these tears from falling.

You don’t see it;
The wires and the ropes and the shaky pulleys with the rusty bolts,
That are keeping this voice from screaming.

You don’t see it;
The rods and the poles and the patchy brickwork with the gaps and the holes,
That are stopping these legs from shaking.

You don’t see it;
The aches and the bruises and the dull blackened eyes from the burnt-out fuses,
That it took to keep this heart still beating.

You can’t see it;
The sparks and the lens that I tried to fix and polish and mend,
But it still didn’t stop you from leaving.

You won’t see it;
The dust and the rubble and the dirt that will fill these lungs until they swell and they burst,
Is the only thing that is left of this body of mine.


Created: Jun 08, 2010


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