swirling oblivion/late night ramblings

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Here I am, it's that time again.

The sun has gone down and the moon has come up.

The stars are out, the street lights shine and crickets sing their songs.

I lay in bed, head on my pillow, hoping the dreams will come tonight.

I close my eyes and picture oblivion swirling around me, pulling me in.

Pulling, pulling, pulling

But before I can give in to that sweet darkness and let myself fall freely into the unknown I am yanked,

suddenly back.

As electricity shoots through my neurons, the ones that make me think.


Did I lock the door?

Did I set my alarm?

Did I lock the door?

Is my laundry done?

Did I lock the door?

I won't make it tonight. There is always tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the one.

The night I will finally get to travel through the swirling oblivion, falling

down, down, down

to sleep.


-- -- -- --


In the light of day, it also brings to mind the THEME of Midnight, as recorded by RegularJOE.

Created: Aug 13, 2012

Tags: free verse

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