Letter to NASA

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Greatings Earthlings,

We are sending you this message to congratulate you on your succesful landing on our home planet. Please note that this was due to a technical malfunction in our defense system in the area your exploration device has landed.

Truthfully we do not want your device on our planet, but we are doing the same to your brightly colored marble planet. We are in no position to negotiate any return policies, since your device does not seem to have any mechanical additions attached to return to your planet. However, we are wondering about your skills to make an overnight piece of art in our grounds.

Currently we have soldiers keeping an eye on your progress on your own home planet, and if anything happens we do not approve of, your exploration device will be used as target practice. That is also under no means negotiable.

Last but not least, we are constructing a balloon factory in northern U.S.A. and plan to employ retired clowns. Since this will be a non-profit organisation, we politely want to ask you for donations. This factory will not hold and weapons of mass destruction, planet vaporizers or any other kind of weaponry.

Yours truly,

The Marsians.


Created: Aug 13, 2012

Tags: nasa, funny, space

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