A Night Out

By ManWithHat

Jason placed his tie gently around his neck, mentally going through the steps to manifest a Half-Windsor around his neck. He tenderly cursed his dead father for not teaching him to go for the full Windsor before kicking the proverbial bucket, but water under the bridge, and all that. So, step by step, gazing at his reflection in the hallway mirror, he proceeded to manifest the knot in question. Meeting his fiance's parents meant he had to appear as dandy as possible without also appearing homosexual, an impression which simply would not do.

Janine walked in from the kitchen, gingerly stepping around the dead body on the floor, and gave Jason a bottle of cologne. "Am I right in thinking you wanted the French cologne, dear?"

Her fiance grimaced, replying, "No, I think the bacon scent is more appropriate for the occasion. Have to make a good impression and all that. Thank you, love."

She rolled her eyes with good humor and went back to the bedroom, again having to avoid stepping upon the corpse of the unknown woman, laying there in a dark dress which had in such a way as to reveal her garter, hands almost grasping for flowers that fell away from her as she passed. Jason undid the knot and began manifesting once more, tenderly cursing his wife for interrupting him.

"Darling," Janine shouted from the next room. "Who is that in the hallway?"

"Come again?"

"The dead woman."

Jason quickly tossed a glance over his shoulder. "Oh. Probably a musician."

"Oh. Did you check the traffic report?"

"All clear. We ought to make it in no time at all."

Janine reentered with the bacon cologne, splashed Jason lightly on the neck, and kissed him tenderly. "You aren't cheating on me with her, are you?"

"Who? The dead musician? Certainly not! You are all the woman I need." Another tender kiss, behind which laid more tender curses, of a quantity which the boundaries of the oceans could not hold.

With one more tender kiss, they made to exit. But Janine did so with a sideways glance at the corpse. It was such an absurd thing with which to concern herself, but it was a thought which would not release itself from her tender mind. Was Jason really faithful? She'd no recourse to doubt him. However, looking at the corpse, it almost made her freeze in her footsteps. Was that a lascivious smile she saw on its cold lips, still blushing with lipstick? No, certainly not. A trick of the light, an illusion, nothing more. She was being hysterical again. Janine laughed inwardly and closed the door behind her.

But the damned thing was rather odd, on a whole. Rather odd, indeed.

A Night Out

Created: Jun 08, 2010


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