Clever Disguise

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Oh Mother Dear!
Oh Mother Dear!
I ran into the big bad wolf.
He said I strayed,
Stayed to far away,
From the path you told me I must stay.

He met me at grandmothers house,
In disguise!
I could see straight through his big horrible wolf eyes!
I couldn't scream,
He said don't fight.
That I would be his tonight.

But Mother dear don't look distressed,
At the blood you see on my little red dress.
For once he removed his bonnet and bared his sharp pointy teeth,
I smiled and whispered before his tragic defeat!
"That's a clever disguise you adorn,"
"But mine is much better then yours"

It is important to remember that we as woman aren't always what we seem to be by just taking a glimpse of us from the outside.

Created: Aug 13, 2012


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