Hell (unfinished)

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You wake up on the cold ground, weak and restless, staring at a dark vortex resembling the sky. It's sucking all the sounds in, leaving only the distant noise of a storm coming. You try to move your head around, but the weight is too much, and it's crushing your hollow body. It's too early for this, you can't adapt to the thickness of this sinister atmosphere. Your peripheral vision is catching distant images of shadowy figures, resembling people, moving slowly towards something. You can see a glimpse of light, shining in the end of this nothingness, a light that cannot be described with words. If it wasn't for this place, you would probably say, it is a piece of art that can hang on somebody's wall. Everything around you is pitch black, yet you manage to see your surroundings quite well, and while you would want to sense some fear, you do understand, you can't really feel anything, so you continue to observe.

The passing of time feels like being injected with anesthethic in the spine, waiting for something to cut your flesh. It could have been days, or even years, but it doesn't matter anymore, the important thing is you have the strength to get up. You also get glimpses of feelings returning to you, even if they are unfamiliar. The darkness welcomes you, and you take a step into some direction, away from the group of tormented figures. You have your free will, yet you don't have the desire to follow the distant light, but where can the darkness lead you to? Walking through the shades becomes more natural with time, you feel the metamorphosis of your essence, even in the dark you feel your body changing into something gruesome, but powerful. You ask yourself what's the difference between you, and the shadowly figures, but even if you get the answer, it won't matter. They are consumed by the light, and you sink into the deepest darkness.

Created: Aug 13, 2012


Stoyan Document Media