Present Day Heart Situation

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Present. Today.

My heart weeps,


For you.


For the way you decided to step on it, 

over and over. 


My heart was gifted to you

You returned it broken



It still beats for you.

Do you hear it.

It's faint, yes. 

But, it still beats for you.


It wants to wait.

It wants to hope.

It wants to love you still.

But it's very fragile now.

You have to be the one to let it go now.


Please save my heart.

Please let it go.

Please apologize and it will forgive you.

And it can grow stronger again.

Not for you, but for its owner.

For me.


Gift me freedom.

Gift me cure from this heartache.

Gift me back my life.

As I gifted you with mine.


We need to move on

And survive

This present day heart situation.


Created: Aug 13, 2012

Tags: relationship, challenge, poetry, love

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