First Poem

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The Proclamation of my mental creation

Led to the overwhelming invasion of deep depression

The catalyst of a realization, Adult Life.

And the truth which it carries.

Something which at 17 had scared me.

Left me starry eyed, with a blank mind, and Lost in time

I didn't find it fair see, That for me the world came so easy to me

Catch that irony? 

Faced with pseudo struggles, over privileged, hot headed troubles.

Which only bubbles to a boil, at the crossroads of repentance and inner turmoil.

Wished i could raise this foil of social oppression

An innate hatred impression

And drive it into my own gut,

Another CUT, the Drive.

The great need for this seed

To grow into his own tree and succeed.

In the rough and tough neighborhood of Brentwood.

My aesthetics we're pretty

But the fruit that it bore was brittle, superficial and petty.

Easy to snap at the first attack.

Honing down on any insecurity,

exposing the lack of purity 

And soul.

Keeping me from seeing my cup half full.

So as a newly conscious mind

I thought it a Crime

To keep lying in the slime,

of a high tax bracket lie.

Believing that independent thought should die

Or reside in those who couldn't reach the sky, 

Belonging to the lost who drown their sorrows in rye.

Envious that their lives wouldn't lead them through Ivy

To be just like the old me.

To become a copy.

To climax with emotion when their Yacht met waters too choppy.


So you begin the Quest, 

Searching for a solution which looks best

Which in it and of itself, makes you fail the Test.

Numerology, Astrology, Mycology, LSD, THC, socializing with homeless peeps, overwhelming generosity

Facing all the insecurities, Just to find me.

The main thing that broke through,

The one thing i know to be true,

Is the simplest thing that i got tons of


It's the crucial component,

If we could all just own it.

Love is something born straight up from above,

From an all seeing being,

Or from all these atoms competing,

But that's just a question in believing.

Love is a feeling, 

Reeling and Dealing us new cards of fate,

Something Grand and innate.

Something we most days, forget to embrace.

Created: Aug 13, 2012


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