Reincarnation is but a Myth

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From soundless waves your soul silently weeps

But, fear me not for I will keep

Your lifelong journey, once great and well

Now as empty and broken as a discarded shell.

You’ve lived and you’ve loved.

You’ve won and you’ve lost.

Your soul is left quiet, alone;

Slowly deteriorating, outside in the frost.

Yet, your memory lives on.

A burning image in the minds of the beloved;

Never to die.

Never to change.

Always to be as you once were.

Joyous and kind.

Peaceful and loving.

Willing to give all that you own

In hopes of helping those you used to know.

Giving and playful.

Never tiring.

Constantly joking and laughing.

Living life to the fullest.

You have and you are and you always will

Live your life for you.

You, and no one else.

Do as you please, be who you are.

Take no interest in the judgments of others.

And I, I wish to be as you were.

As you are.

As you will live on in my mind.

Your song, your story

Passed on to others.

So they, too, may live in the beauty of your life.

Created: Aug 13, 2012


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