I Long , You Leave .

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Oh me , oh my.  Oh me , oh why?

    Why you?                                                                       Why he?

             Why me?                                                                   Why I?

We’re falling in and falling out .

Just running ,  r u n n i n g  ,  r u n n i n g  about .

You’re here

I’m there .

You’re there .

I’m here.

We beat as one . . . two souls in one .

Searching ,

                                           Twisting ,

                                                                                    Screaming ,  

                                                                                                              Drowning .

A constant battle of                                                                 and

                                                           “right”                                                                                 “wrong”.

We melt ,  the world stops ;

Just you  and  me  ,  and me  with   you.

Right  h e r e ,

            right  n o w ,

       we beat as  t w o .

Created: Aug 13, 2012


ImperfectExpressionism Document Media