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You are not afraid of heights –

You are afraid of falling.

If you were afraid of heights,

Having a second-story bedroom would terrify you.

You wouldn’t be able to ride an elevator

Or take more than a few steps up the staircase at school.

It is not height that you fear.

If you knew you would not – COULD not fall,

Wouldn’t you climb for miles with ease?

Wouldn’t you rise?

Yes, you say.

But that is not how the world works.

There are slippery surfaces.

Feet betray eyes.

Eyes betray feet.

Ashes to ashes, we all fall down.

The higher we go, the farther we fall.

And so height IS a thing to be feared.

There is truth in this, I admit.

But it is still not quite right.

Yes – the higher we go, the farther we fall.

But that’s only IF we fall.

“If” is good…

What if we don’t fall at all?

Created: Aug 13, 2012

Tags: falling, poetry, if, rising, heights, free verse, fear

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