10min Writing Challenge: Home

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Homeless: without having a home. For all intents and purposes that is exactly what I am. I am currently 3,000 miles away from everything I know. Friends, family, all on the other side of the country. I moved to LA for a dream that got lost in the shuffle of the city. When things went south, San Diego called my name. When your family asks for help you’re supposed to go without a second guess. That’s what I did. But when your blood betrays you and you have nothing left, what do you do next? I decided to find my dream again. If I thought my initial move was a leap then this is jumping off a cliff and hoping that I don’t get sliced to pieces from the jagged rocks at the bottom. Homeless, jobless, carless. Lot’s of less but somehow I feel like I’m moving into more. I’m optimistic for the first time ever in my life but I’m also scared shitless. I can either gain everything or lose it all in search of my new home. Whether it’s with family or friend, it could be with people you just met or even by yourself. But in the end you need someplace to belong, to fit in, to live. We all need someplace to call home.

Created: Aug 12, 2012


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