The Brave Old Man

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There once was a brave old man- he was always doing brave things. One day he would parachute off of a remarkably tall building, and the next he would save a small child from disaster. He felt that by doing these things, he would remain young. One day, he noticed someone- a brave old woman. She was being robbed by a gang of ruthless delinquents. Being the brave old woman that she was, she fought the delinquents, even though she was too weak to properly defeat them. The brave old man thought, "Well, I must save her. That is the bravest thing to do." So the brave old man ran up to them, and in his brave fashion fended off the delinquents and restored the brave old womans belongings to her. The brave old woman thanked him generously, then went on her merry way. But the brave old man was troubled by something- something that he didn't have a word for, seeing that his entire vocabulary consisted of only brave, manly words- a feeling for this brave old woman. He contemplated this feeling all day long, and into the night. The next day, the brave old man felt slightly weaker- this was because, he realized with alarm, during his contemplation, he had forgotten to do brave things. But since he was so distracted by this feeling, he couldn't accomplish any of the brave things he wanted to do. So he went to the market place to try to find the brave old woman, to see if she knew anything of this strange, alien feeling- or if she felt it herself. Once he found her, he was struck afresh with this overpowering feeling. He marched up to the brave old woman, demanding an explination for what was causing him so much trouble. What he did not realize, however, was that he had just commited one of the bravest acts of all- confessing his love for the brave old woman. The brave old woman smiled, and spoke to him about what love was and how it worked, in her eyes. Once the brave old man understood- love- he realized that he didn't need to do brave, reckless things to feel young. He just needed his love, and someone to share it with, for his life to be truely great. The last thing he questioned in his life was how he ever went so long without it.

Created: Aug 12, 2012


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