The Man in the Moon

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"It's harder than it looks, Sally" Said Sam, who angrily positioned his arrows at the chunk of light in the sky.

Sam gazed at Sally, who's glow seemed to radiate from the large night light. 

"Have you not wanted to do something fantastic in your life? Have you not wanted to take advantage that in the world's eye, we wallow in ignorant arrogance?" Her eyes bored into his every thought, his wishes and hopes, his dreams.. "Why would you not, in this time, do something that might be a complete and utter mistake, forever changing the mold of your core, that could also be the most magical moment, embedded in your heart for as long as you shall live, at this time in your life, when the world is expecting you to do so?" 

Sam was suddenly awed by her ambition. This is why he was puddy in her small hands, a puppy, panting at her feet.

"Yes" He said, using his strongest fibers of will to edge his eyes back to the arrows, tightly securing thick rope around the ends of each one. He felt embarrassed, and quite frankly insignificant. How could he manage to entertain her idea at such an impossible magnitude as this? At times he wondered if Sally was serious, or if this was just a passing, frivolous thought.

"Sally.. this, this can't-" As quick as a cat, she was at his front, doe-eyed and burning-mad-crazy as ever.

"Sam you listen to me. This WON'T work if you DOUBT. If you could just UNWIND yourself from your reality and stop thinking of anything but right now.." She suddenly looked small. She looked utterly alien to the passionate, vehement self that Sam had only known. She looked like a young girl. She slowly raised her eyelids, every long and thick eyelash pulling with strenuous effort to look him in the eye.

"If this wasn't to work, like you so strongly want to believe, why are you helping me?"

This thought had never occured to Sam. It indeed was a very valid question. So why was he? He parted his lips, and his chest filled with air. He looked at her with all the focus in the world, as if the answer was right behind her soft, glowing skin, and as he exhaled, it was nothing. He had no response because he truly had not the slightest idea. Every sane thought skittered away when he crawled up the ladder onto the roof, with this girl. This mad, mad girl..

Sally stepped forward, the determination and fire re-creating behind her eyes. Sam always wondered if she knew something he didn't, whenever she looked at him like that. Before he knew it, she was there, the smallest amount of space ever to have been between them was now obliterated. She put her hand at the back of his neck, and he felt the fire burning in her eyes surge through her fingertips into his blood, into his heart. He suddenly wanted to do anything for her. Anything to keep her hand there.

She kept his gaze, locked onto eachother. "Sam, if there is one thing I don't want you to regret, it would be me. This roof.. this night. And if there is one thing I can assure you, it's that I don't want to regret it either. So why should we not do this?"

She let go, and his body returned to ice, craving her heat. She looked up at the abyss and smiled, such a lusterous grin that he no longer wanted to tarnish her dream. He knotted the knots and latched the latches and steadied and calculated and coordinated to the last millionth of a second. 

"Sally?" She glanced down, keeping her smile. "It's ready."

She blinked, and when her eyes reappeared from underneath her curtains of eyelashes, something had replaced that fire. All he could see in her was the deepest, truest form of love emanating from every inch of her being.

Ever so peacefully, she walked to the mechanism that was the base of this expedition and ran her delicate fingers over and through every nook and cranny, shaking hands with a familiar friend.

"The honors are yours, Sam." She handed him a coil of thick rope and lifted her arms, watching him. He stepped into her space, feeling her intoxicating warmth surge at his skin, nip at his cheeks and fingers. He slid the rope around her waist, smelling her sweet floral aroma. At this moment, he had the realisation of how he desired so intensely to rush her down the ladder, through the small streets of their town, back to his room. To peel off the things keeping them from truly being together. 

He shoved and fought that thought utill it receded into the depths of his most precious thoughts and secured the rope around her quickly, before she started to wonder why he was taking such a long time. 

He fastened his rope as well, and took a deep breath. This was it. 

Sally looked at him and giggled out of pure excitement and nudged him to start the machine.

He fidgeted with the gadgets and gismos and got everything running accordingly. 

"Last words?" Sally questioned.

Sam looked at her and smiled, freeing himself of all ties holding him back, except for this one rope, pulling him forward.

"To youth!" He screamed.

"To imagination!" She hollered after him.

He looked at her between their last fits of laughter.

"To love."

She surpressed her laughs and smiled, the heat filling his body from his core to his thinnest layers.

"To love, Sam. To love."

The timer chimed their descent was nearing. Flapping, swooshing giddy thrill filled their bodies as they clutched hands.

The arrows shot off, and their ropes followed. Together they suddenly felt tingling fire licking at their every limb. And they were off, whooping and hollering through the vast openess of the night sky, carefree.

Before they both were aware, they were there. Sam tumbled down onto the soft, grey surface and layed there, sprawled out waiting to catch her in his arms, to tell her she was right. To kiss her.

He closed his eyes, waiting for her heat to meld into him.

He waited.

He opened his eye, seeing that no one was there. No floral aroma. No soft glowing skin. No sheets of eyelashes. He abruptly stood, feeling panic creep into the depths of his soul. 

"Sally?" He yelled across the expance of the matter.

"SALLY?" He followed the end of her rope to the edge of the moon, desperate for her to be waiting at the end, arms open, eyes closed. At peace.

He peered over the edge of the land, following the rope with his hands until he could no longer feel it. It coiled and rippled down vertically into the vast ocean.

Tearns burned into his eyes like acid. He pulled the rope with all of the strength in his body, but nothing appeared. 

Determination engulfed every valve in his heart. He stayed by the rope until he could no longer feel the heat he felt at the back of his neck, and in the depths of his being. He pledged to his Sally that for eternity he would stay, waiting for her.


And for eternity it was to be, the man in the moon, longing for the lost girl in the ocean.

And the waves in the ocean, reaching for the lonely longing Man in the Moon.



Created: Aug 12, 2012

Tags: fairytale, passion, ocean, love, romance, man in the moon, waves in the ocean

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