Daydreaming (+ making of)

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Lately I’ve been trying
To forget you while I’m diving
Into an unconscious world of sighing
But I keep – failing

“I’ll expel you!” I promised so
From my flesh and from my soul
So I’d wake up fresh and bold
“In this blackness, I may glow”

But what happens is the contrary
Your projection feels it’s cozy
‘Though it’s just a dirty old stage –
You’re my mind’s favourite hostage

Light pokes through the windowpane
You have left without a trace
Morning sweat has a new taste
“Let’s get ready for the day!”

Commuting was never easy
On the bus I feel uneasy
Since my LIFE isn’t so peachy
Soon I fall rather spacey

Then a future that’s worth millions
Figured out and fabricated
Goes jaywalking through the bus lane:
A parade of apparitions.

[This has taken me days!! And I'm aware it's not good, mhhmhh  but I wanted to share it. I've had the most exciting time working over it!!! Maybe someone finds a verse interesting! Maybe someone could draw what would be in those bus lanes for them, parading...

This, as a matter of fact, started differently. I wanted to write about how we avoid the problems by thinking in unreal terms, escaping reality, building our worlds, then that would mean avoiding the situation, because, that's what people face everyday, situations, not "problems" per se (they may be bad or good situations, that's it). And finally, that would imply avoiding our LIFE, and no one should neglect their life. So it came up as daydreaming about something that never happens and captures you in the cage of illusion, in this particular case, it's someone who does not materialise, and thus we forget the NOW.]

Created: Aug 12, 2012

Tags: real life, free-verse, dreams, daydreaming, vs

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