Perfection, The Constant Chase

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I want you

I don't know how to have you

In my eye line

But never in my grasp

Pushing for the future

Losing it to my past

All the lines should join

All the dots to be dotted

Smooth out the bumps

Remove those that are knotted


Please tell me when I can have you

Let me know when you arrive

Maybe I can slow down now

And no longer strive


Tired and weary

It goes by so quick

All so blurry

I feel incredibly sick

Like a deep searing infection

I need, I want,

I crave perfection.




This is how everyday feels, like nothing I ever do is "good enough" to me, not to others but to me. I am in a constant competition with myself to better myself and so a lot of things I start I do not get finished due to worry of it not being perfect. I seem to have it in my mind, if it's not perfect why bother becuase the people who see it will only see the mistakes. Does anyone else get this annoying circle going on too? I hope you enjoy my little poem/song.

Created: Aug 12, 2012

Tags: mistakes, incorrect, issues, artists, perfection, constant, problems, chase, struggle

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