LISWYII V4 percussion/vox STEM Elizabeth Anne

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This is my STEM track of various percussion along with a partial Verse 4 vocal to match with the track "LISWYII V4 (new verse&chorus!)"

I recorded each percussion separately, one follows the other in this final track.

These are the separate parts of the mix:

0:03-0:29 Plastic Star Tambourine & LP Jingle Stick

0:29-0:58 Latin Percussion (LP) Cyclops Tambourine

0:58-1:13 Handmade Shaker (Wooden, Medium)

1:14-1:27 LP Mini Moraca Shaker

1:27-1:43 Matador Bongos (simple beat, slightly out-of-tune...)

1:43-2:09 Handmade Monsoon Rainmaker

2:12-2:57 LP Cabasa

2:57-3:41 Vocals (for newer Verse 4)

3:42-4:20 Hand Claps & Snaps

The vocals only include the parts where I stayed on pitch (roughly) and I removed/faded out any parts that did not match up the phrasing of consonants. I recorded a little purr at 3:12 but did not realize until after recording that it is overlapped by the word 'Suppose' (without the final 'se') so that may be a hinderance if you wanted to utilize it elsewhere (my bad).

I hope you can make use of it, or perhaps pieces of it for some other project, although the beat I played to matches the rhythm of this project.

* I must thank Thee Engineer Mike Noles for recording these tracks for me when I was in my 'last day / last minute' to contribute. *

Created: Aug 12, 2012

Tags: liswyii, hand claps, shaker, percussion, life is shit without you, tambourine, elizabeth anne, rainmaker

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