(PORTRAIT) Improviz

By Improviz

Sample of some of the many Halloween audio tracks I have written and recorded for my Halloween friends all around the country over the years. This was playing outside our haunted house last year in SF. This is just the VO track (processed a bit for pitch and such). The whole thing featured wind, rain, lightning & thunder, wailing souls, creaky ship sounds, water, a ship's bell, etc. I'm interested in doing voices for animation but also happy to lend a voice to any project. I specialize in accents & dialects, and have performed Improv in San Francisco for almost 30 years. I have a modest home studio (Mackie mixer, Rode NT & SM 58 mics, SoundForge, Acid Pro, ProTools).

(PORTRAIT) Improviz

Created: Jun 06, 2010

Tags: spooky, [portrait record], halloween, pirate, voices, voice over, voiceover

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