Free Style Written Slam Poetry.

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Present it past the participle

and hold on close for the artists visual.

Allow no more than the written line,

to pass through his lips 

and collapse to a grind.

Teeth digging in

through jean jacket and push

to a peircing of lip

like an evident hook,

collected aboat

with it's catch on a line;

were it release,

i'd never see it coming,

because a minute of peace

takes A lightyear of running

and to hold on and dangle

from beds we will leave

the ghost of a lover,

hung about in his sheets.

A hardy attempt

to find moments of peace,

in the present tense liar

camping the guard house

with a companies fire

but the bullet points left

for the future of our present

shot every man dead

with the courage to have had read them

Created: Aug 12, 2012


Fatalsyn Document Media