Cheeseburgers, and Skinny Bitches

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 It still gets me. What? You don’t think mocking someone because they are skinny bugs them? You think only fat jokes hurt? You think that people aren’t born skinny? I starve myself?

“Why don’t you eat a cheeseburger? You anorexic or something?” 

I have heard this so many times in my life. You are making fun of my body, you are making fun of who I am, and how I was born. It hurts just as bad as calling someone fat, or ugly, or stupid. 

I never really get the urge to hit someone until they make fun of my body. As if my body type isn’t really a body type. 

Awhile ago at work I was helping this lady decide on what ice cream she should get. She said she liked birthday cake, she then asked what was in it. I replied with, 

“I’m not exactly sure, but you’re welcome to sample it.” (it was hand dipped)

Her reply was,

“Of course you wouldn’t know what’s in it. I bet you’ve never even had it. You probably don’t eat ice cream. Look at how skinny you are.” And then a scowl formed on her face as she stared at me. 

Lets flip that situation around, lets say I was overweight:

“How do you not know what’s in it? You look like you’ve eaten lots of birthday cake. I bet that’s all you eat. Look at how fat you are.” Now wouldn’t you have told that lady off if you were standing behind her? 

Apparently, skinny jokes are funny. They aren’t demeaning, and it’s perfectly okay to let the bitch in front of you make fun of the girl serving her ice cream. Because that ice cream server is a skinny bitch, and she’s not real. She has no feelings, and her body type is most definitely not natural. I mean seriously, why doesn’t she just eat a cheeseburger or something?

Created: Aug 12, 2012

Tags: prose

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