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Joe mentioned in the themes request video that shows were being planned for the autumn. Is it possible this year that we are given a more advanced notice please. I know you can't give information till show venues are confirmed and contracts signed etc...but I think it’s also safe to say you have a pretty good idea of where you're going. I do not know if you will be holding all the shows in America or if other countries will get a show again but whatever or wherever it is I am pretty sure there are a number of people like myself who would not be able to make it if the notice is too short or will have many issues if they do manage to make it. I understand as an actor you are used to not always knowing in advance what you are doing and a job could come up and you have to travel across country in a week’s time. However most of us cannot do this, we have families and jobs and schools and tight financial situations where expenses have to be planned. To make it to an event we have to arrange time off work, get a babysitter, book flights/trains/buses etc, call in a favour to get a place to stay or book a hotel. We all want to be at the shows, please can you give us all a better shot this year by giving more notice. If not exact details then give us a rough idea, if not a date and venue give us a city so we know if we need to start saving. If there are going to be any outside of the US then we definitely need notice as we don't expect them we don't start planning for it unless you let us know. We all want to be at the events, we all want to be part of something special but we can't all drop everything at a moment’s notice. So please give us more notice this year. Thank You

Created: Aug 12, 2012


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