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People always talk about living in the present.  But that's a misnomer, really.  You can't live in the present, because as soon as a few moments pass, it was already the past.

But what if you could?

If you could exist in a single fraction of an instant, would you?  Which moment would you choose?

Would you choose a happy moment, leaving yourself content in the knowledge that good has come to you?  Or would you exist in a sadder or more unfortunate time, to give yourself more time to develop a way to improve the situation?

How long would you linger in the true present, hanging on to that infinitesimal speck of time, relishing each pseudo-second you spend as time doesn't pass you by?

What if you could share that moment?  What if you could share the present with someone else?

Would you share time frozen with a good friend, prolonging your time together?  Or would you deign instead to force an enemy to reconcile with you as nothing happens around you?

What could be possible when no one can get ahead of you?

How much could you read in a library while the other patrons stand still?  What could you discover while the scientists of the world linger?  In what way could you change the world?  Would you change it for the better or for worse?  Would you spend your time becoming the benevolent power that enriches lives, or would yours be the iron fist, power now risen, that strikes at the heart of the common man?

What's stopping you?

Why can't you live in each moment?  What part of our mind keeps harkening back to a forgone time?  Why do we constantly remember what was rather than focus on what is?  What keeps us looking forward to what will be rather than the here and now?

What can we do?

The present is always fleeting, but it is still palpable, still tangible in some form or another.  We can focus on the present with the hindsight of the past and the forethought of the future.  Maybe if more people thought that way, the world could become a better place.

But that's a lot of questions, many unanswered.  Will they ever be answered?  No one really knows.  However, one thing is certain...

Can you live in the present?

Created: Aug 12, 2012


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