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“Jane in her State”


As her vision becomes foggy her hands begin to tremble.

She staggers towards a small group,

fists clinched and eyes pierced with anger.

Every word is slurred.

The people around, find her irritating and irrational.


Her smile radiates discomfort to all, that look at her,

she appears to be almost evil.

A question is asked of her—

The question is answered with a wicked laugh.

Her skin is getting pale as she slips away faster and faster.


She is in denial – her thoughts are blurred.

She doesn’t listen to reason.

Questions continue to be asked of her but her memory of events,

cease to exist.

How much time will be lost?

What recollection will she have?


Support soon arrives and after a struggle,

she pricks herself once again.

Today is a good day, blood on the first try.

Once the result is read – she finally listens to reason and

grabs for the nectar.


It wasn’t that bad this time.

As Jane leaves soon tears fall and with and luck,

Jane won’t be back for a day or two.


Created: Aug 12, 2012

Tags: theme

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