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lab-y-rinth (noun): A complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one's way; a maze.

Maybe something along the lines of how labyrinths relate to our everyday lives, like when it comes to relationships and how life itself is just one big maze. The labyrinth can symbolize every person's search for happiness in life, and how, when we over-complicate our search for that happiness such as failing to have the courage to do something, we make it more difficult for ourselves and create these extraneous paths to navigate through. And something like how there will always be dead ends, false routes, etc., and how we have to start over with a new path. And it can show how life is full of opportunity and how we have to find the courage to choose a path and stick with it. Other symbols could be like how birth can represent us entering the labyrinth and how death can represent us leaving it.

I know it's pretty generic and the ideas are pretty broad right now, but I'm just brainstorming. =P

Created: Aug 11, 2012


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