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Should it be a short film, or a mini series?


Three Guys, all of them are best Friends since elementary school, they all live within three block radius. It’s Summer time and all of them have finished high School. The have one last summer before they split up and drift off to their new paths. A series of events happen over the next three months of summer…


Sitting in Bon's camera goes over to where they are and they are just sitting there in silence.Staring in different directions or all playing with their phones.



Chad: Ok, seriously what the fuck are we doing?


Lukas: eating at Bon's


Chad: yeah but I mean what are we doing?(pointing at phones.)


Lukas; I'm checking my new app.


Faber: I'm texting my friend.


Chad: Aren't we supposed to be talking to each other, like real people not sitting in a fucking restaurant, playing on our phones.


Faber; well, then talk.


Chad: (opens his mouth)


Faber: See? You got nothing to talk about, so shut up.


Chad: well, we could at least try and talk. Ok, I got something how about the enbridge pipeline? There's a juicy topic.


Lukas: (Says something related but really not related to the embridge)


Faber: what the fuck does have to do with the pipeline?


Lukas: I don't know, but that's what popped into my head.


Chad: Sighs I hope the food gets here, it'll be a lot more exciting than our lack of conversation happening, or not happening rather.


Faber: well, I'm excited eat, I haven't eaten at all today, I didn't eat much yesterday either.


Lukas: Oh, did you get the game released on steam?


Chad: the one with the thing and the thingy thing?


Faber: The thingy thing/


Lukas: Yeah, that one.


Faber: What one?


Lukas: The thingy one.


Faber: whatever, I'm too tired. Work.


Chad: Your always tired. You always have work. I work.*exhales in exhaustion


Lukas: I do too!


Faber: Yeah, but do you kneel down on your knees for 8 hours? Do you have to stand on a 10 foot ladder while trying to balance and hold shit inyour hands? No didn't think so. *sighs*


Chad: *sigh*


Luaks:*long sigh*


They all look at each other...Then they start laughing.





Created: Aug 11, 2012

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