The Devil is in the Details ...

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It was late, or…was it early?

Probably both

And we didn’t notice either.

At least not for a while

We just loved that balcony


Jacob and Carlos took turns with the guitar.

We would all sing if we recognized the melody

And our neighbors didn’t seem to mind

It was an eclectic mix of people


Two girls sat near (Caryn’s the unimportant one)

They kept telling random babble to each other,

Very pleased with themselves

Back to back to back inside jokes


A plane,   


beauty pageants,

severed hands,                       



 (this isn’t making much sense, but neither did the person that arrived next)


This kid kept asking ‘Kamchatka?’ (the only vodka that can be frozen solid)

as he pushed the bottle up against everyone.

At times he yelled random French

and asked Jacob his name repeatedly and aggressively

Until suddenly, he lost interest in doing that.

He decided playing the guitar would be appropriate

We were just weirdly amused.


Gus, my brother, sat on a corner cuddled with some girl.

He looked awkward and a bit uncomfortable

I always assumed it was part of his demeanor.

He gets grouchy at times (I can be very annoying).


Fast forward two years and now:

Jacob ended up being unexpectedly the one person who

understood my quirks (random topic changes, existentialism, banalities)

Now we’re the ones making the weird inside jokes with Kristin.

Kamchatka kid has not been as accepting as we were.

My brother’s happy now. He’s with Brad.


I would have never imagined these.

It was implausible at the time.

I guess we just had to look closer.

Created: Aug 11, 2012

Tags: changes, non-fiction, time, story, nostalgia, theme, college, poetry, free-verse, friends

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