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Six months passed.

Many memories exchanged. 

The way you looked at me, with those pale blue eyes;

Makes me think of the good times. 

The times when we watched films and made love. 

The times we got into trouble, and never gave a fuck.

A sprakling black dress made you look so good. 

You always looked like that to me, but it was a first for you.

Four months was a pleasure, and I'd never take them back.

But then I screwed up, and tried hard to fix it.

I tried two long months to fix my greatest mistake.

But with everything on your plate, I couldn't fix it.

I was an obstacle in your current situation, that I understand.

I was easily angered when everything came to an end.

But all I really wanted was to just be your friend.

So I said somethings I'll reget til I die.

What I said, made the end to our friendship nigh. 

We once said we'd try to be friends if it ended,

No matter how bitter it got. 

I don't know if that is possible now. 

But there was a time when you were the best friend I had. 

You were a friend first, and a girlfriend second. 

We both got lost in the wound the is a separation. 

And now we are stuck on an island, but are on different sides. 

But all I am wishing, is that I can see your pale blue eyes. 

Your pale blue eyes made me happy on an unsettling day. 

The way they shined off a television screen would make my eyes water. 

And whenever I saw them in the moonlight, my heart would flutter. 

I know we're done, and that's okay with me,

But all I want is to be friends again, as soon as can be.

I still love you and care about you as I did when we were together. 

And I always want to be there for you, especially when there is stormy weather.

When you listen to our songs you get the real message. 

But we were stuck on a puzzle from our very first night. 

Today, I found myself outside, struggling to get around the wind. 

My mother wants to talk to me, but I am afraid to speak, so I just tell her that I am hiding tonight. 

It feels like I am eating breakfast at the heart-break hotel, and the end of our relationship was a piledriver waltz.

And every place I step is a memory of you, as if there was glass in the park.

So if you want to light a match to our time, fill free. 

Just know that I am sorry.

Created: Aug 11, 2012


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