Always Never [RE: Immortality]

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I am a different person from morning to night, day to day, year to year.

I’ve woken up as the King of Spain, and gone to bed as a beggar in Tokyo. Sometimes I spend my days as a child, with anxious eyes absorbing every sensation, other times I am a murderous lunatic on the hunt. Yesterday, I slept with a supermodel, but fell asleep as a blind cripple alone in his home with no one to care for me.

I’ve enjoyed the wealth of the rich and suffered the indignities of the poor. An infant thrown in the trash at birth, a mother plotting her suicide, a sociopathic politician, I have lived it all.

When I bore of one lifestyle, I change into another. However, when I am finally comfortable, I must become someone else. There are no limits to where I can go or what I can do, because I will always live to see tomorrow. I’ve died a thousand times, been born a thousand more, and like the seasons and stars in the sky, I shall always be here.

And yet, I envy you. Your fragility, your mortality, your ability to remain as you are. I envy your love, your loss, and your superstitions. So desperately I wish to be one of you. But here I shall remain, as I always have. The same, but never the same. Alive, but always dying. Free, but in chains.

How I envy you.


Immortality would be an interesting theme. How do YOU view the concept of immortality?

Created: Aug 11, 2012


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