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We had went to a bar, had two drinks. He asked to know more about me.

He submitted that he wanted to know some what more about me. I spoke of some triggeries, but not problomatic details. I spoke. He heard. He heard only his thoughts, fantasies. He heard only what he wanted from me that whole night. He slipped in a few of those, let's say, "fantasies." That is how I take it up to, to today. He planned it. He watched me at work. I mean I only found out that he chose me to be on his team after "hearing such bad rumors." He watched me work, take my break, run from frusturation, turn twenty, he saw my anxiety and excellent activity.

Dragging me into his room, thrown upon his bed. Waking up the next morning. Naked and poor. Broken and "AT FAULT."

Created: Aug 11, 2012


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