Warning from Voyager

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Isn’t it dark?

It wasn’t always.

Once, there were flowers and the sun could be seen in the sky. Now, all days are cold, so cold. (As 'so cold' is said, the voice should stammer a little)

Look outside. Go and touch the daffodil. Make a daisy chain. It won’t last forever. One day, sooner than you want, your race will be here...in this time.

No light. No sun. A world in five colours.

Grey. (Repeated a few times, as though stuck)

Run your hands over your TV screen. Touch me. Memorise my figure. One day, this will be all there is. No air. No sun. Bodies of dying men and women will be hacked to pieces, sliced and put back together. No lungs. No eyes. No need.

No need. (Repeated again)

The bees are fading. It is your first warning.

Watch your movies. Pretend there are superheroes to save you. Pretend you’ll act on what I’ve said. Pretend you believe you can change the future based on what you see before you today, because pretence is all you’ve got to keep on hoping. You are not capable, or willing, or strong. You are human. This is your future, there is no alternative.

Pretence will keep you going. Pretend you can save yourselves.

Save yourselves (Repeated again, until fade out)

Created: Aug 11, 2012


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