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The earliest present I remember receiving was my very own TV. My parents bought it for me and it was in my room when I came home from school.

It only lasted about 3 months...

I had a TV that comforted me.
I watched it all day, I watched it all night.
Until I was bored and it hurt my sight.

But one day, when I wanted to watch it from my bed.
It wasn't there. "Oh my gosh", I said.

When I asked my parents what had happened, where had it gone?
They said they had thrown it away, for punishment and for wrong.

So there I am laying on my bed.
Telling myself, "it is gone, it is dead."

I miss how it had comforted me.
How when I was bored it was there for me.

I miss how it would sit right there.
On my dresser, that is now so bare.

Created: Aug 11, 2012


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