Balloon Village- Amelia Earhart

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Dear Beatrix,

Thank you for your letter, it made my day! Yes, I seem to have lost my plane (no idea where. Keep an eye out for me- I have a sneaky suspicion it's drifted into the Arctic Circle) so I'm staying at my parents' home in the hot air balloon village. I do love them, but it's aggravating, between the nagging and fighting and same record playing. I spend most days in our attic window, pretending that the sunlight is reflecting off my plane's wings. That the cloud forest outside is accompanied by radio static hums. That it's just the sea, sky, and me- alone in my cockpit. 

Apart from my melodramatic whining (sorry!), it's fantastic here. The neighbors are real characters- we sit on our porches and shout across the sky to one another. My favorite new friend is a rollercoaster builder. He says that living up here's just like being at an amusement park, minus the candy and elephants and clowns.

Miss you, and please come visit soon,

ps: And let me know if you find my plane!!

Created: Aug 10, 2012

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