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Olé. For life provides one image of sanctity. /

Perhaps it is one moment in which she asks for sanction; /

To atone a realism, perhaps, progressively chilling. /

Olé. Her choice to now baffle the cynical. /

Olé. The casting on some maybe new believers of life. /

Olé. The some who see a picture to dread. ///


 I feel the shining of youth, done ever brilliantly. /

Witness the exhibition of mastery and control. /

Witness his affection for every connected detail. /

 A higher consciousness slanting perception. /

Conceive the lyrical form and the dancing of pictures electric. /

Receive the reality, a slice of resentment, the laughter eccentric. /

An honesty fearless witness, and his style individual. ///

O lay before me a train of tender imagery. /

O lay before me a tune of sweeping effect. /

O lay before me the caresses of your sword of words. /

O set free my humble tears commingled with pride, joyous, awestruck.

Olé. Olé. Olé ..

Created: Aug 10, 2012


Paine Sailor Document Media