The Eagle's Downfall

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The eagle thought he looked rather majestic as he circled high above a rank, crowded city. On the ground, the people who populated that city certainly agreed. The men commented on what a handsome bird it was, and the women twittered that it would surely look even more handsome perched upon the fireplace mantle under the moosehead. They just had to have one for themselves. One shopkeeper in particular promised a beautiful, strong young eagle for those who would be willing to pay the price. Most were willing. 

One day soon after, the aforementioned eagle was having some trouble finding prey, and was feeling rather famished. He settled on the branch of an ancient oak and sighed.

"Why do you sigh so despairingly, oh king of the birds?" The eagle looked up to see a crow sitting on the branch above him. The eagle was disturbed that he didn't notice the crow's presence there before.

"I am just having a bit of trouble finding today's dinner, is all. There is nothing to be despaired about." The eagle replied.

The eagle heard the crow chuckle derisively. "If you weren't so high and mighty, you would follow me now and feast upon the most delicious meal you will ever eat." The crow flapped his wings and flew away. 

The eagle, seized with curiousity and hunger, reluctantly followed the crow into the air. The crow led him away from the forest and toward the human city, until they landed on the back steps of a grey brick building on the outskirts of the city. Confused, the eagle accused the crow of treachery and prepared to return home empty-stomached. 

"Do you want to eat or not? I come here often, so there is no need to worry." The crow cawed once, and an old man came out from the back door, holding a dripping piece of red meat in one hand. He stood some distance from the eagle and threw the meat to him. 

The eagle had to admit, it looked exquisite. He hopped foward, took a tentative bite, then gulped down the rest. 

"It is the most delicious meat you have ever tasted, isn't it? I was right," said the crow. The crow cackled in laughter when the eagle nodded once, then fell over dead. 

The taxidermist scooped up the body and walked into the shop to prepare it for a young couple who paid an outrageous amount for a stuffed eagle. The crow followed him into the shop and perched atop the taxidermist's work table. As the taxidermist hollowed out the eagle's body, the crow began to feast upon the innards. 

"It really is the most delicous meat I have ever tasted". 

Created: Aug 10, 2012

Tags: bird, fiction, crow, story, eagle, downfall

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