By peruanita

so this was written with a template given at camp a few years ago and i just stumbled upon it again and realized it's still relevant to my was interesting to see how everyone's came out so different even though we used the same template...


i need you to hear me.

let me tell my story.

on my back i carry...the weight of knowing that the world is not perfect and that I need to fix it - if i don't how can i expect that another will?

my scars may be hidden, but they run deep.

my scars...come from constantly fighting the idea that we are not the same; the idea that some are inferior; the idea that this cannot be changed.

my tears are tears of...pain for those who have been hurt and and tears of sorrow for those who do the hurting. and yet i still manage tears of joy when someone gives me hope.

my fists...are raised in protest to apathy - they will remain raised until the world takes my hand and shows me change.

don't pity me.

don't try to comfort me.


hear what i need to say.

in my bones i know...that we are good - that soon enough we will recognize each other as what we really are...we are all one.

my gut tells me i must...have hope for i can accomplish nothing without it.

my feet are leading me...towards freedom. freedom from hate and suffering. freedom to be who i am, and love others for who they truly are.

with my hands i will...hold out to yours until you are ready to walk besides me on this journey.

my heart...sings out for the day all my sisters and brothers realize they are such and join me on my journey.

do you hear me?

i am...waiting - will you join me?


Created: Jun 05, 2010


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