No Time Like The PRESENT...Killing Time

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I ran into the PRESENT.
Wanna know what he said?
He told me that he killed TOMORROW,
So now the FUTURE is finally dead.
I couldn’t believe the words.
I had to know why.
PRESENT told me that right NOW is all that matters,
And living in the moment TODAY is what truly counts.
But what about the PAST? What has become of him?
PRESENT didn’t want to dwell on what happened,
And wouldn’t say where YESTERSDAY had been.
How can we function in a world without memories & plans?
There wasn’t any time to get an answer.
See the PRESENT turned into the PAST.
NOW became THEN.
But how & where’s the FUTURE,
My dearest friend?
Very much alive & still straight ahead.

Created: Aug 10, 2012


RosellaWeigand Document Media