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1. What´s your favorite colour?

Purple right now.

2. What´s your favorite food and dessert?

Would have to say camembert or brie with apples or crusty bread YUM depending upon mood and for dessert: wine.

3. Do you have animals?

Why yes! I have four dogs ( a lab-Beauregard, two boston's -Murphy and Lola, and a sheltie-Sarah) and one cat-Olivia (she's a scrapper).

4. What would be the first thing you do, if Hitrecord starts a "Hitrecord Community Party"?

Put my dancin' shoes on. :)

5. What´s your favorite drink?

I'm not a lush but wine red or white, definately. Couldn't live without my daily glass. It's good for your heart you know.

6. What´s your favorite series on tv? (It doesn´t matter if the show is new or old)

Tough one. I really didn't watch much syndicated tv growing up since we lived on the economy in germany (4-15 yrs old). I am more of a movie watcher (had a huge youthful crush on Cary Grant-it takes a theif-fav and Errol Flynn -captain blood!-gotta love a man who looks good in tights).

7. Have you ever been traumatized, shocked or impressed by a movie?

Yes to all of the above. For a movie to become a favorite of mine it has to make my heart fall out of my chest, then pick it back up and either rip it to pieces or give it a smooch then put it back in its place. Gigi is one of my favorites (there are so many Charade another good one); saw it when I was 8 or 9 I beleive.

8. Star Wars or Star Trek?

Original Star Wars (1970's version) no doubt.

9. What would you do if you had 1.000$ ?

I am going to rephase the q. What would I do if I had to spend a grand: I would buy a new mountain bike and biking shoes because I have messed mine up.

10. What are your fears?

Nice one. Bad things happening to the one's I love. I wouldn't be anywhere without my family and if I lost them I'm not sure how I could recover from that.

11. What (famous) artist impressed you the most and affect your work?

Tough q. i don't think I could name just one. Like i said previously I didn't watch much tv growing up so between movie watching I read a lot of books. There is a warm place is my heart for the classics: moby dick, bram stoker's dracula, little women, black beauty, etc. Since we moved around quite a bit I tended toward more of the land of fantasy verses reality as a kid and was constantly floating between being obsessed with one book and then the next. I would read the books so many times back to back I used to dream them where i would imagine the characters with me as either a player or the viewer. It was magic for me.

12. If you had one day off, in the middle of the week, what would you do?

Well I would, in all honesty, want to catch up on anything I felt behind the bell curve on. I can't seem to slow down sometimes so a nap would probobly be invovled somewhere in there as to give my brain a rest.

13. What´s your favorit season?

Toss up between Spring and Fall. Spring brings in the new and Fall closes out the current. Both have their fantastic highs and lows associated.

14. What disgusts you the most?

Selfish inconsiderate self serving human beings. People who will knock you out of the way for a cup of coffee. It makes me sad for them to constantly feel like they have to fight with everyone to do anything as they must have something wrong with them to act that way or I just want to punch them in the spleen. Pick one.

BONUS Question

15. What was your last concert?

not sure. will have to get back to this one.

16. Are you a great cooker or baker?

I like both. It is quite a feeling of accomplishment when you take a reciepe you've never used before and it turns out well. I would have to say baking is my favorite because I find it to be more difficult. As it is more of a science than experiment. Meaning without the right combination/measurement of ingrediants your bread won't rise etc.

17. What do you do to help the enviroment?

RECYCLE! When I lived in Germany you were legally obligated to recycle and they would inspect people trash and issue fines if you didn't; which i would imagine that's what it would take for some people. But it is a small thing but makes a difference to the environment.

18. What song are you listening right now, or what song is on your mind right now?

"Paris" by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Hell of a voice on that girl.

19. What was your first CD you bought?

I'm going to answer this differently. The first recorded music I purchased with my own money was a Bett Middler cassette tape. I was probobly ten or eleven and at the time I was obsessed with musicals and I remember seeing it the store and being so excited as she remade a showtune i was in love with at the time and I unfortuately cannot remember the title but I have a vivid memory of that event.

20. What kind of music you heard, that has been embarrassing to you now?

My friends and I used to dance and act out songs by the spice girls. I was always "Ginger Spice" per the red hair. I would be really embarrassed if a tape of that surfaced. But good memories.

Created: Aug 10, 2012


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