Don't Run. (Re: Voyager)

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Don't run. Running will only make it worse. Running always makes it worse. You have all suffered so much loss. So much pain. Agony has been the defining trademark of your existence -- and we have seen it. The two things you creatures long to share the most: Love and pain. And love is dead. So don't run. Don't cause yourself anymore harm than needs to be caused. Resistance isn't futile, it is pointless. Dangerous. Painful.

So, please, don't run. Don't make us chase. If you are scared, it is because you don't understand. If you are angry, it is because you are scared. But neither will make this any easier. Only acceptance can do that. Only us.

Only we can bring back the rain. Only we can bring back the sun and wind and grass. Only we can reunite you with your loved ones. And only you can take those things away.

Please. Don't run. We are tired of chasing. We are tired of punishing. Just lie down. Rest. Accept. Breathe.

Don't run. Don't wake up.

Created: Aug 10, 2012


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