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"I have a present for you," Brandon says to me. "What is it?" "If I tell you, it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it?" Brandon places a large box wrapped in in white paper with a rainbow of colored stripes that has a large red bow at the top. "It's not even my birthday," I reply, with a blush. "Well is it safe to say that I went to the store and thought about you?" "Well. . .I guess that's okay." Trying to hide her blush, she walks over to the table where the present is, and starts unwrapping, starting with the bow. Once the wrapping paper is fluttered upon the smooth mahogany floor, I take out my pocket knife to cut open the package. Popcorn bubbles upon popcorn bubbles dance upon the floor as Beverly excitedly scrambles through the the box. She pulls out a long box filled with an array of colors. "ART SUPPLIES! She shrieks as she then pulls out a black sketch book. "I thought since you'd suddenly so into fairies that you needed something to let your imaginary home loose." Beverly, teary-eyed, walks over and hugs me. Thank you, my sweet neighbor."

Created: Aug 10, 2012

Tags: story, fiction

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