Response to MSN news comments (re: hate crime hoax)

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MSN news posted a blurb concerning the young man that has been in the news lately for what is being called a "hate crime hoax." Originally, he filed a police report saying that he had been beaten up by three males outside a gay club because of his sexual orientation. His face appeared battered, and pictures of him alongside his story appeared on many LGBT support websites. It later came out that this man had injured his face when trying to do a backflip off a curb. He admitted to the police that he had lied.

I was a bit concerned by most of the responses to this article as they generally consisted of "this is why I hate all gays", "he should really be beaten up now", and "this is why anyone in the LGBT community that says they've been harmed should have to come up with a heck of a lot more proof than a busted face before we believe them."

This was my response:

What he did was horribly wrong, and I imagine there will be consequences. Though, from reading many of the comments on here, it looks like the LGBT community will suffer the most from this man's idiocy. I'm just really confused. First of all, aside from the people saying things regarding this being a crime (I believe it is), I'm going to assume none of you hold the Christian faith as there are many things said that go against their doctrine. Unless, I missed the hate-filled, violent Jesus book of the bible. There are some incredibly illogical generalizations as well. Do you know how many straight males rape women? So, should I be leery of all straight men? Do you realize how many false rape reports are made by women? So, does that now mean we shouldn't believe women that come forth and say they were assaulted? Do you know that for a variety of reasons (and this is part of my field) some children make up stories of molestation? So, when children come forward, should we tell them that we're not going to support them until they cough up enough evidence? Will they even be willing to come forth with that evidence at that point? If you're going to hate an enormous group of people (that have just as many differences between one another as you and I), because this man told a horrible lie, then I assume you equally hate everyone else on the planet. Members of every gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation have committed atrocities equal to and much worse than this man's lie. Logically, statistically, ethically, doesn't make sense otherwise.

Created: Aug 10, 2012


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