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The colour of my brain or the colour of my lips, speak out, it's your right, which would you rather kiss?

You're already high, the show has begun, relax, calm down, just take a seat.  Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick,  ... tick, tick, tick, tick, pick me up, we skipped a beat. 

My jean shorts frayed, shhh rest your mind on my thigh, you wanted to be near.  Desire by design caught your eye, its in the liquor, last words, no fear.

Dress your face, the camera's set, rolling, make your walk your name.  Here's your bliss, don't tr.. tr.. trip, boys want the girls but the girls want the fame. 

Take my hand, feel my pulse, haunted blood runs down my spine. Too far, too close, your hands, my thighs, I'm fine but where's your line? 

You're a hero, save me, after I kill this, murderer for hire tonight.  A shot of the stars washed down with cola dreams, you say it's your birth right. 

Oh, lets dance tonight, the radio knows, it tells you this is love. Hearts are all aflutter, flyin' round your crown, try catch one in your Fathers baseball glove.

Applause, applause, you got to outer space but your rockets' been condemned. Falling for what you say you'd die for, but what will you really say when the credits roll at the end?

You weren't built to have it all, no you can't, admiration, aspiration fillin' up your pocket. Oh, baby, It's gonna be alright, grab your keys, hit the road, don't forget your leather straightjacket.


Wake up, this is your dream


Created: Aug 10, 2012

Tags: consumer, poetry, right, lyrics, desire, dialogue, ownership, script, freedom, belief, consume, stereotype, sleep

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