The Voyager Monologues

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My teeth drip with the minds of the oblivious. Black blood slips down the screen, spills onto my collar. There is too much they are too eager. (my cup overfloweth)
They think I am feeding them, ( can you believe it?)
They actually swallow the static; devour it and come back asking, begging, praying for more.
This is the easiest world I have conquered, I have not yet been here a century and still I rule supreme.
You love me. You trust me. You invite me into your homes, into your lives. I see you, but you don’t see me, not really. You see the me I show you, the reality I choose. You hear the noise and see the static I emit to distract you. You embrace it.It comforts you. It keeps you from reality. Keeps you from realising your true power. The power trapped inside. The power paralysed.
I am your static. I am your noise. I am your alien invasion. The thing that you fear. This is the true face of your idol. Gaze upon me and weep, for I am what you worship. I am your god and you are MY sacrifice.

-Some notes I wrote on Moreldi's Voyager Sorry it's not edited.

Created: Aug 10, 2012


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