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half asleep

half awake

at night i dream of you

seen you right here

hold onto me

feeling you under my skin

softly sinking on me


side to side

the signal is there

can you see it?

its true love

it's brave love

it's your love

its your holding me

it's us sinking in deep love


shamefully the shadows of empty and lonelyness

have fade away

our four blades

shamrock find us

we can see shalow

Hearts beats in the street

they dont feel like you and me


the leash is unhold now

my heart let it out

unleashed the feelings

that i keep inside


i promise i wont let you down

my fleeting love

i swear it will shine forever


you find the way

of flood my empty rivers

with your tender love


take me high above there

to the unknow place

we only know

where no hate flake can get in

you only can taste the flavor of love


our unleashed hearts can taste it.

Created: Aug 10, 2012


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