How many names can you get?

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1.) Elizabeth-the name on my birth certificate and drivers license. I think I was named for my great-grandmother whom we called Baru.

2.) Betsy-the name everyone uses. It confused me when I thought about it as a little kid, but somehow my parents derived Betsy from Elizabeth. My guess is they decided Beth or Liz or Eliza were all too normal or something.

3.) Boo-my childhood nickname. I couldn't tell you where this came from if I wanted too and frankly neither could my parents or any of my relatives. My parents just sort of started using it, maybe because it started with a B, and it just sort of stuck.

4.) Bets-the obvious nickname. Just the go-to shortening of my name used by relatives, friends, and friends' parents.

5.) LB-nickname I received at camp. Funny story. I met a girl in my cabin for the first time that year who also happened to go by a nickname, Bob. When she heard my name, she was immediately surprised because that was the same name she used to refer to her left boob, hence the name LB.

Created: Aug 10, 2012


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